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writing "The Wrong Way Up" [Jan. 8th, 2009|01:18 pm]
harry potter and the half blood prince



So here is the start of my fanfic called, "The Wrong Way Up". It will be under the cut and I want everyone to know that I do not own any Harry Potter characters at all, JK Rowling does.

Type your cut contents here.




Wrong Way Up

By: newengland_chic

Rating:PG – 13 for now

Warning: Will get violent, need to write more

Characters: Ginny, Weasley family, Voldermort, Snape

I do not in any way own these characters, JK Rowling does. This is fanfic and I am writing it.












Back when the war started with Voldemort, I was happy that he finally rose to let everyone know that he will rule again!


As a Weasley child, my family never knew of my infatuation and my love for Lord Voldemort and only a few Slytherin girls knew that I trusted with my life. One other person that I trusted was Bellatrix Lestrange even though she was as evil as the dark lord.


Hermoine Granger always told me it was a phase that I would grow out of but secretly I Ginny Weasley, have loved Lord Voldemort since I met i=him in my second year here at Hogwarts.


Mum always wanted me to be with Harry but I never wanted too, yes I did like him at one time in my life but I met Lord Voldemort and fell in love! I love the way he has split himself and can come back to life again, love the way he puts evil in everyone and fear, I love how he can put fear into anyone. He is my true love and one day we will marry and have an heir.