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harry potter and the half blood prince

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Finished Chapter 4 [Jun. 18th, 2009|05:11 pm]
harry potter and the half blood prince


I finished chapter 4 today and haven't started chapter 5 but will tonight. I like how Harry and Dumbledore go to find Horace Slughorn and even though Harry tries not to convince this old wizard to come out of retirment, Slughorn does only because Harry would be on th etop of everyone else as a trophy.

It makes me wonder why people will say no right off the bat but then they give in and say yes, does no one have any mean bone in their body? Besides Slughorn does not want to be found by the death eaters and is most likely going to live for a lot longer if he resides in Hogworts.

So I will be starting chapter 5 tonight before bed and hopefully will post tomorrow or on Saturday, depends on work.